Senja Badminton Class - ST Badminton Academy (SG)Senja badminton class mostly located in Senja Cashew CC Bukit Panjang. Our badminton course largely give attention to children essential and ability advancement in the beginning aspect. Is standard skill are crucial for kids? Sure ,for starter if from the start with out Discovering right ability and … Read More

Coach|Badminton Coaches in Singapore STBACoach |BADMINTON STBA | Eric Chuar ProfileCoaches.Badminton Coach Mr.Eric Chuar a founder of ST Badminton Academy Singapore since 2007. As a badminton coach,Eric are mainly focus on teaching badminton basic development for children age between 5 – 14. Some coach might don’t understand how important is th… Read More

SpecialitiesFurnishing Top quality kid badminton class in WestHistoryEstablished in 2007.ST badminton academy established in 2007 by found point out participant badminton coach Mr.Eric Chuar in Singapore.Eric also as Badminton Licensed coach problem by badminton Affiliation malaysia by Activity college (BAM).His badminton lesson is going to be carr… Read More

Senja Cashew CC badminton Class for adult participant who living in the Bukit Panjang space. And for top novice and intermediate player are well suited for this badminton coaching lesson. Consequently,our head mentor personally will eyes on you to help you help your ability level lower your undesirable routine.Also our Senja Cashew CC badminton Cou… Read More

Badminton Mentor Heritage | ST Badminton Academy (SG)Badminton Mentor Singapore - Eric Chuar five--ST Badminton Academy 2018 JuneBadminton Mentor Mr.Eric Chuar founder of ST Badminton Academy (SG). Mr.Eric Chuar and Wilson Tuan in combination as being a husband or wife. Just about 11 a long time of expertise in badminton coaching career. We started… Read More